A former recruiter and operations manager in the outdoor advertising industry, I have found my calling with my third career as a web developer. A keen problem solver, I love the highs that this job brings when fixing a bug or cracking a complicated feature, and always have a side project going in my spare time. I believe I can get on with almost anybody and my unique career path has given me a variety of skills and experiences that I can bring to my job as a dev.

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Neptune is a custom CRM commissioned for use and redistribution by Leisure Pools. It contains complete customer management anD manages the entire sales process, from generating a quote to creating the contract. Neptune includes SMS and email capabilites, as well as document storage and more.

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Cure8 is a React Native app I developed a couple of years ago. It's a social curation app that allows you to save weblinks for yourself and/or your friends. See a TED talk they might enjoy? don't SMS it to them, Cure8 it for them. Next time they open the app, they'll see all their saved links.

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Par Town is a friendly golf competition app I am working on at the moment. I have already built a simple version just for use with my friends (that is the image you see below); Par Town is the app I want to put in the app store for everyone to use.

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